SAP Predictive Analytics

Business Applications

SAP Predictive analytics work with previous data, based on which the data visualization reports are created. With the help of these reports, the organization is able to recognize the hidden stuff and can arrive at the conclusion. It inherits some of the functionalities from HANA. It is basically a statistical analysis and data mining solution used to build the predictive models. By utilizing predictive analysis, various investigations on data such as time series forecasting, trend analysis, classification analysis, segmentation and affinity analysis can be performed. The data can be analyzed using different visualization techniques such as decision trees, cluster charts, etc.

2 Days

  • To understand predictive analytics concepts and approaches.
  • To develop the ability to use Predictive Analytics within a Data Science project context.
  • To use automated analytics capabilities to build, score and implement classification, regression and time-series models.
  • To use Data Manager to prepare and manipulate data to support modelling.
  • To understand and implement Predictive Factory to import, build and schedule models.

  • Application Consultant
  • Technology Consultant
  • Super / Key / Power User
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant
  • Data Scientist

  • Basic knowledge of the Data Science concepts and algorithms is required
  • The knowledge of BW and HANA would be helpful.

Module: SAP Predictive Analytics 2.3

  • Automated Analytics 2.3
  • Expert Analytics 2.3
  • New features in SAP Predictive Analytics 2.2
  • Navigate the interface
  • Automated Analytics - Create a data manipulation
  • Automated Analytics - Perform a text analysis
  • Automated Analytics - Create a classification / regression model
  • Automated Analytics - Create a clustering model
  • Automated Analytics - Create association rules
  • Automated Analytics - Create a time series analysis
  • Automated Analytics - Create a social analysis
  • Automated Analytics - Generate recommendations
  • Automated Analytics - Perform a frequent path analysis
  • Automated Analytics - Perform a colocation analysis
  • Expert Analytics - Use the Auto Classification algorithm in Expert Analytics