SAP Lumira 2.0

Business Applications

SAP has provided an enhanced tool to the business users to visualize the data in an attractive and engaging manner. It is a self-service solution that allows the users to organize and navigate data in their own way, quickly and easily without utilizing a single line of code. With the SAP Lumira interactive visualization, you can investigate the data quickly to determine the unique perceptions which can be shared within the enterprise. It allows you to deliver the knowledge, discover the concealed patterns and transform in an easy way to extend your business. The created data visualizations can be shared on different platforms like SAP HANA, Business Objects BI platform etc.

3 Days

  • Explain SAP Lumira
  • Create documents and acquire data
  • Prepare datasets
  • Visualize data
  • Share stories

  • Business Analyst
  • Executive
  • Application consultants
  • Technology Consultant
  • Customers

  • Should have basic knowledge of SAP HANA.
  • Basic knowledge of data formats and Business Intelligence concepts would be helpful

Day 1

Module: Lumira Discovery User Interface

  • Home Page
  • Data View
  • DesignView
  • Global Tool Bar
  • Side Bar
  • Measures and Dimensions Pane
  • Column Data Actions


Module: Acquiring Data

  • Create a document and acquire a dataset from a Microsoft Excel file
  • Acquire a dataset from a Microsoft Excel file with multiple worksheets
  • Acquire a dataset from a universe
  • Install data access drivers
  • Acquire a dataset from a database using Freehand SQL
  • Combine datasets by appending records from a dataset
  • Combine datasets by merging on a shared column
  • Manage connections and associated documents
  • Create a dataset based on a Microsoft Excel file directly online


Module: Preparing Data

  • Edit and cleanse a dataset
  • Manage measures in a dataset
  • Create a time hierarchy
  • Create a geographic hierarchy based on location names
  • Create a geographic hierarchy based on latitude and longitude
  • Create a custom hierarchy
  • Create a calculated measure or attribute in a dataset
  • Sort and filter values in a dataset
  • Creating Measures
    • Creating a Measure from a Column or Dimension
    • Creating a Calculated Measure or Dimension
  • Measures Associated with Dimensions
    • Viewing a Measure Associated with Dimension
  • Working with Multiple Datasets
  • Adding Datasets in a Document
  • Removing a Dataset
  • Merging Datasets (JOIN)
  • Appending Datasets (UNION)
  • Linking Datasets
    • Creating and Managing Dataset Links
    • Linking Datasets While Creating a Visualization


Module: Visualizing Data

  • Creating a Chart Directly on the Chart Canvas
  • Working with the Chart Builder
    • Creating a chart with the Chart Builder
    • Assigning Measure to Axis
    • Changing Chart Type for Series
    • Chart Properties
  • Chart Types
    • Working with Geo Map
    • Analyzing Data in Crosstabs
  • Blending Your Data
  • Renaming a Chart
    • Restoring a Chart's Default Title
  • Reference Lines
    • Adding a Reference Line
    • Managing Reference Line
  • Sorting
    • Sorting Measures
  • Conditional Formatting
    • Creating Conditional Formatting Rules
    • Managing Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Display Formatting
  • Modifying Chart Colors and Appearance
    • Dimension Color Palette
    • Measure Color Palette
  • Hierarchical Data
    • Finding Dimensions in a Hierarchy
    • Drilling Through Hierarchical Data
  • Plotting Measures as a Dimension in a Chart


Day 2

  • Module: Composing Stories
  • Create a story
  • Formatting a Story Page
  • Formatting a Visualization
  • Enhancing your stories With Shapes, Illustrations, Text Boxes, and Images
    • Adding Text to a Story
    • Uploading Custom Illustrations and Shapes
  • Linking to a Web Page or to Another Page in the Story
    • Modifying a Hyperlink
    • Removing a Hyperlink
  • Add sections to an infographic
  • Add dynamic text to a story
  • Change the layout of an infographic


Module: Advanced Analysis

  • Calculations
    • Moving Average
    • Difference From
    • Percentage Of
    • Running Calculations
    • Custom Calculation
  • Lumira Functions Reference for Offline Documents
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Character Functions
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Expression Functions
    • Miscellaneous Functions
    • Numeric Functions
    • Operator Functions


Day 3

Module: Filters

  • Filtering Data from Dataset
  • Filtering Data in Visualization
  • Filtering Data in Stories
  • Using Controls
    • Displaying Controls in the Document
    • Editing Controls
  • Filtering Data in Charts
    • Filtering Data by Rank


Module: Sharing Insights

  • Share visualizations by email
  • Export a story to Adobe PDF
  • Export a dataset as a CSV
  • Publish a dataset to SAP HANA
  • Publish a dataset to SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • Publish a story and dataset to SAP Lumira Cloud
  • Publish a story and dataset to SAP Lumira Server
  • Publish a story and dataset to the SAP Business Intelligence platform
  • Schedule a document refresh


Module: Case Study