SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 – Web Intelligence

Business Applications

Course Description

This course is intended to get the candidate achieve Intermediate level programming expertise so that it can be useful for one to get production level projects done. This course would start off with JavaScript and TypeScript basics like variables, control structures, objects, JSON etc. and go through Angular Basics and Intermediate level application with projects and then Services and connectivity basics. Towards the end of the training, we would go through angular command line utility and build a Project’s UI using Angular.

3 Days

  • Describe the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence tools.
  • Learn about the use cases and get an overview of basic functions of the most important Business Objects reporting tools

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • System Architect

  • Basic familiarity with Windows Environment
  • Knowledge of RDBMS is helpful

  • Day 1

    Module: Web Intelligence

    Lesson 1: Introducing Web Intelligence

    • Describing Web Intelligence concepts
    • Explaining Web Intelligence core functionality
    • Describing Web Intelligence and Business Objects Enterprise

    Lesson 2: Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries

    • Querying with Web Intelligence
    • Creating a new document
    • Modifying a document's query
    • Working with query properties

    Lesson 3: Restricting Data Returned by a Query

    • Restricting data with query filters
    • Modifying a query with a predefined query filter
    • Applying a single-value query filter
    • Using prompts to restrict data
    • Using complex filters

    Lesson 4: Designing Web Intelligence Reports

    • Working with Web Intelligence documents
    • Displaying data in tables and charts
    • Creating tables
    • Working with tables
    • Presenting data in free-standing cells
    • Presenting data in charts

    Lesson 5: Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Reports

    • Using breaks, calculations
    • Using sorts
    • Formatting breaks and cross tabs
    • Using report filters
    • Ranking data to see top or bottom values
    • Tracking data changes
    • Using alerters to highlight information
    • Organizing a report into sections
    • Copying data to other applications

    Lesson 6: Formatting Reports

    • Formatting documents
    • Formatting charts

    Day 2

    Module: Web Intelligence

    Lesson 7: Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables

    • Explaining formulas and variables
    • Using formulas and variables

    Lesson 8: Using Multiple Data Sources

    • Synchronizing data from multiple data sources
    • Creating multiple queries in a document
    • Synchronizing data with merged dimensions
    • Using a personal data provider

    Lesson 9: Analyzing Data

    • Analyzing the data cube
    • Drilling in Web Intelligence documents
    • Setting Web Intelligence drill options

    Lesson 10: Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents

    • Exporting documents to the CMS
    • Logging into InfoView
    • Managing documents in InfoView
    • Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView
    • Sharing Web Intelligence documents
    • Setting InfoView preferences
    • Describing Web Intelligence report panels
    • Logging off from InfoView

    Day 3

    Module: Web Intelligence

    Lesson 11: Working with Advanced Query Techniques

    • Using combined queries
    • Using sub queries
    • Creating a query based on another query
    • Changing data sources

    Lesson 12 Working with Calculation Contexts

    • Understanding calculation contexts
    • Redefining calculation contexts

    Lesson 13 Creating Formulas with Character and Date String Functions

    • Using character string functions
    • Concatenating different data types
    • Using date functions

    Lesson 14 Creating Hyperlinks

    • Working with hyperlinks in Web Intelligence documents
    • Creating hyperlinks in the Interactive panel