Pega Developer

App Dev

Pega/PRPC is a BPM tool used to develop web applications. Pega is a unified platform to build faster enterprise applications, that saves money and increase the ROI for the companies using this platform. There is a huge demand for PEGA developers, it is necessary to understand the Job duties / responsibilities required to become a Pega Developer.

35 Hours

  • Once course is completed, Student will have hands-On experience to survive in the Job.
  • Also he can complete CSA and CSSA certifications.
  • To Understand how to Develop Enterprise Level Applications.

  • Fresher’s
  • Java Developers
  • BPM Industry
  • Anyone who wants to learn PEGA Application development.

People who has basic knowledge about IT can join the course.

  • Introduction Demo 1
  • Introduction Demo 2
  • Introduction Demo 3
  • Course Classes
  • Introduction About Classes
  • Working with Application
  • Flow Processing
  • Working with Properties
  • Debugging Tools
  • Data types
  • Report Definitio
  • Activities
  • Data Transforms
  • Data Pages
  • Rule Sets
  • Case Management
  • Rule Resolution Algorithm
  • Packaging
  • Integration