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Leadership skills training are a great way for managers at all levels to improve their ability to inspire and motivate individuals and teams to achieve outstanding business results.

Effective and respected leaders have a clear starting point – they know the characteristics, behaviours and attitudes essential to achieve their vision. They also have the qualities that inspire their people to follow them and share that vision. This training is designed to create an interactive experiential learning environment to equip with all such skills.

This training will introduce you to different situational leadership model and practical tools to help you shape your personal style of leadership, coaching model and make you a more effective leader.

2 Days

This training is aimed at managers/leaders or people tasked to lead a team or a major project like managers, team leaders or very senior managers and leaders.       

  • The training is designed to create an interactive experiential learning environment.
  • The training methodologies consists of individual and syndicate activities, group discussion, interactive games, role-play, case studies, individual and group tasks, exercises, puzzles, quiz, paired discussions, self-analysis questionnaires, observing activities, presentations, experiential learning games, audio video-based discussion, icebreakers, energizers, action planning etc.
  • To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and group exercises throughout the training.
  • Whole batch and small team discussions, along with a case study and role play help reinforce concepts learned. Participants need to be prepared for a high level of participation.
  • Identify and describe your preferred styles of leadership
  • Understanding Situational Leadership® model – Developing your leadership style to gain commitment from your employees
  • Understudying four basic Leadership Style(s)- S1: The Telling Style, S2: The Selling Style, S3: The
  • Participating Style and S4: The Delegating Style
  • Applying the Situational Leadership® model
  • Adapting leader behaviour and using an appropriate influencing style
  • Recognise when and how to vary your leadership style – matching your leadership style to your employees’ developmental needs
  • Understanding different levels of delegation
  • Understand the value of empowering others through delegation
  • To understand what coaching is, leads/ managers role as coach and how it can contribute to maximizing performance
  • To recognize your preferred coaching style and build on this
  • Learn the strategies and techniques for Mentoring and Coaching
  • Understand the GROW model of coaching – Explore the 4 stages of the GROW model and the types of questions that are most useful in each stage
  • Develop effective questioning skills – Probing techniques to gather information
  • Use techniques to check and build understanding – clarifying, paraphrasing, summarizing, etc.
  • Know how to listen more actively and effectively – verbal signs and non-verbal signs of active listening
  • Learn the techniques to give effective feedback and the guidelines to provide feedback
  • Preparing an Action Plan – Preparing yourself to lead and coach more effectively – how will you lead and coach more effectively and create a greater impact in the future.
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