Laravel 5

App Dev

This course is intended to get the candidate achieve Intermediate level programming expertise so that it can be useful for one to get production level projects done. This course would start off with MVC basics in Laravel and go through MySQL Basics and then PHP-MySQL database connectivity in Laravel. Towards the end of the training, we would go through a Small Project in Laravel.

40 Hours

  • Beginner to Intermediate level to be achieved.
  • Application to production level projects to be made possible.
  • Develop Frontend Blog using Laravel 5 Framework
  • Develop web project more effective and efficient
  • Able to transform any templates on the internet to dynamic website using Laravel for your business

  • Individuals already familiar with the basics of HTML, PHP and have basic understanding of MVC and want to level up their development skills by building real life project.
  • Individuals who has basic of Laravel or other MVC Framework

  • Should know Database Connectivity, OOP in PHP and Basics of PHP must be clear as these topics would not be covered in the above course.
  • You should be familiar with the basics of HTML and PHP
  • You should have basic understanding of Object-Oriented Programming

  • Laravel Introduction & Installation
  • Hello World! In Laravel
  • MVC Introduction
  • Implementing MVC With Laravel
  • Laravel Architecture Foundation
  • Basic Routing
  • Controllers in Laravel
  • Models in Laravel
  • Views in Laravel
  • Form Building in Laravel
  • Form Validation in Laravel
  • Providers in Laravel
  • Facades in Laravel
  • Session Handling in Laravel
  • Storage in Laravel (storing files in laravel project)
  • Blade Templates
  • URL Generation
  • Database Basics in Laravel
  • Query builder in Laravel
  • Building Schemas in Laravel
  • Migrations in Laravel
  • Authentication in Laravel
  • Project: Task Manager in Laravel