iOS Security and Privacy Workshop

IT Support

Whether a company is deep into its deployment of iOS or just beginning the journey, security and privacy come up in every deployment conversation. In this four-hour workshop, participants learn about security and privacy technologies that are built into iOS so they’re ready to discuss why the Apple platform is the best choice for business mobility.

4 Hours

  • Identify the security and privacy posture for a device after the completion of Setup Assistant
  • Explain the importance of a device passcode in protecting user and company data
  • Describe the built-in features of iOS that help keep user and company data separate
  • Identify strategies to ensure that data is encrypted when sent over networks to trusted hosts
  • Respond to misconceptions related to iOS security and privacy
  • Help plan the security and privacy strategy for a successful iOS deployment

  • IT professionals who are responsible for deploying and managing iOS devices
  • Technical sales professionals who assist customers in deciding to purchase iOS devices

  • iOS familiarity
  • Basic iOS device navigation skills
  • Familiarity with Apple deployment programs and device management

Setup Assistant

Participants review how the configuration choices made using Setup Assistant affect the security and privacy posture on a user-owned and a company-owned device.

Protecting data

Participants discover the role the device passcode plays in protecting data at rest on iOS. Participants also investigate how Touch ID improves security while it supports a great user experience.

Accessing app data

Participants discover how native technologies and features work together to ensure that apps follow strict rules about access to personal and company data.

Transmitting data

Participants learn about network security on iOS and review strategies to ensure that an iOS device will connect only to trusted hosts.