Crystal Report


If you work with SAP Business One, then you need to be familiar with Crystal Reports. This course gives you SAP Business One specific lessons for working with reports and layouts built in Crystal Reports. Understanding how SAP Business One works with Crystal Reports. Best practices for deploying, managing and controlling authorizations.

5 Days

  • Participants will gain skills in designing reports
  • Participants will gain a portion of the knowledge required for associate-level certification in Crystal Reports

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User

  • Basic familiarity with Windows Environment
  • Knowledge of RDBMS is helpful

Day 1

BOC310 Crystal Reports 2016: Report Design I - Fundamentals of Report Design

Lesson 1: Planning a Report

Lesson 2: Creating a Report

Lesson 3: Selecting Records

Lesson 4: Organizing Data on a Report

Lesson 5: Formatting a Report


Day 2

Lesson 6: Applying Section Formatting

Lesson 7: Creating Basic Formulas

Lesson 8: Applying Conditional Reporting

Lesson 9: Representing Data Visually

Lesson 10: Distributing a Report


Day 3

BOC320 Crystal Reports 2016: Report Design II -Business Reporting Solutions

Lesson 1: Using the Repository and Repository Data Sources

Lesson 2: Creating Formulas

Lesson 3: Managing Reports

Lesson 4: Using Variables and Arrays

Lesson 5: Creating Report Templates


Day 4

Lesson 6: Building Parameterized Reports

Lesson 7: Summarizing Data with Crosstabs

Lesson 8: Using Report Sections

Lesson 9: Building Specialized Reports


Day 5

BOC330 Crystal Reports 2016: Report Design III - Report Processing Strategies

Lesson 1: Report Processing

Lesson 2: Using Subreports

Lesson 3: Creating Complex Formulas

Lesson 4: Using Custom Functions

Lesson 5: Using XML and Web Services Data

Using a transform in XML reporting