Angular 7

App Dev

This course is intended to get the candidate achieve Intermediate level programming expertise so that it can be useful for one to get production level projects done. This course would start off with JavaScript and TypeScript basics like variables, control structures, objects, JSON etc. and go through Angular Basics and Intermediate level application with projects and then Services and connectivity basics. Towards the end of the training, we would go through angular command line utility and build a Project’s UI using Angular.

24 Hours

  • Beginner to Intermediate level to be achieved.
  • Application to production level projects to be made possible.

  • Have a good JavaScript and HTML background as this session is intended to work on top of that experience.
  • Newcomer as well as experienced frontend developers interested in learning a modern JavaScript framework
  • Everyone interested in learning a state-of-the-art frontend JavaScript framework

  • NO Angular 1 or Angular 2 knowledge is required!
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge helps, but isn't a must-have
  • Prior TypeScript knowledge also helps but isn't necessary to benefit from this course
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is required

  • Angular Prerequisites
  • Angular Intro
  • Properties and Events In Component
  • Pipes and Directives
  • Services in Angular
  • Routing in Angular
  • HTTP
  • Form Handling in Angular
  • Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma
  • Using Multiple Modules in Same application.
  • New features in Angular 5