Android App Development with Kotlin

App Dev

This is 5 Days hands-on training program with focus on introduction to Android App development with Kotlin programming language, life cycle, nourishing basic development skills, emphasis newest features and best practices for Android ecosystem.

5 Days

  • Participant will learn the foundation of Kotlin Language, programming with Kotlin in macOS environment, Advantages of Kotlin over Java, Useful in-built libraries
  • Cross-Language Implementation, Memory Management with Kotlin and good practices.
  • After this training, participants can independently capable to develop Apps using Kotlin as a programming language.

This course is specially designed for entry level software engineer, cross-platform developer, computer science or IT engineering graduate, MCA, BCA, educator and hobbyist, who wants to explore new dimension of mobile app development with Kotlin.

  • The participant should process basic programming logic like data structure, functions, looks, and object-oriented approach.
  • Knowledge of C, C++, Java, JavaScript and Python with be added advantages, but not mandatory.

Programming Language

  • Built Tools
  • Kotlin basics
  • Data Structure
  • Condition Checking
  • Looping
  • Functions
  • Extensions
  • OOPs Concept
  • Interfaces
  • Delegation
  • Lambdas

Advance Kotlin

  • Generics
  • Annotation
  • Reflections
  • DSL Construction
  • Interop with C Libraries
  • Kotlin to JavaScript
  • Mixing Java and Kotlin

Android Studio

  • Android Development Environment
  • 8 Hrs
  • Intro to Android Studio Kotlin Android Extensions UI Design Builder List View Design AlertView

Activities and Navigation

  • MultiView App Design
  • Explicit and Implicit Intent
  • Data transfer between Activities

Recycler and Card Views

  • Recycler View Approach
  • Card View Approach
  • Integration in Gradle
  • Model Class creation
  • Custom Class connection

Advance UI

  • Animation
  • Web View
  • Web Service with JSON
  • RDBMS with SQLite

App Submission

  • Create Assets
  • Signed APK creation
  • Publish your App